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The Virtuosi of Houston, Affirming a Texan-French Alliance of the Arts

Carmen Maria Montiel

Carmen María Montiel has contributed to the arts in Houston, Texas, for more than a decade, working for and supporting numerous visual arts and music organizations. Among the organizations Carmen María Montiel has been involved with is the Virtuosi of Houston.

The Virtuosi of Houston is an orchestra of 50 to 60 young musicians between the ages of 11 and 18. The purpose of the orchestra is to develop exceptional young musicians so that they might one day become professional musicians at the highest level. The orchestra aims to provide its service to the best candidates, regardless of means, race, or religion.

Recently, the Virtuosi of Houston launched a successful Kickstarter to raise money to send students to Paris to study at the Conservatoire de Paris. The campaign was a part of the partnership between the Texan-French Alliance of the Arts, which aimed to promote cultural exchanges between France and Texas. The Virtuosi of Houston successfully raised more than $44,000 and sent Virtuosi members to Paris. In addition, students from Paris visited Houston.

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