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Chef Bielitski Prada Serves Foods with South American Influences

Carmen Maria Montiel

Carmen Maria Montiel, an award-winning journalist, grew up in Venezuela. An advocate for the Latino community in her current city of Houston, Texas, Carmen Maria Montiel continues to celebrate her heritage in numerous ways, including by supporting business owners of Venezuelan descent like Chef Bielitski Prada.

Chef Bielitski Prada owns and operates Bielina’s Catering and Services. Serving the Houston area for more than five years, the company caters everything from small gatherings, like kids’ birthday parties, to large events, including corporate dinners and weddings. The chef offers an international spread that consists of artisanal ingredients and South American influences. Paella and tapas are among the banqueting service’s specialties.

Ms. Prada is a graduate of the Spanish Culinary Institute. In addition to overseeing party planning and business operations, she makes time to market her company on local television channels by demonstrating recipes boasting bold flavors and colors. Her Houston Paella’s Show has garnered much attention from the community. On this live cooking event, Chef Prada prepares large platters of paella filled with shrimp, mussels, lobsters, and clams enhanced with flavorful rice and green peas.

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